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Hello everyone!
Here is a little challenge for you.
Did you like my Life’s Too Short video? Well “Life’s Too Short - Reprise” is finally done!
So share and spread my Life’s Too Short video and as soon as I get 20K on youtube, I’ll publish the reprise!

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. : Some of you asked me to cover We Know Better, well let me tell you that I’m working on it, so be patient, share my videos and it should come in the following weeks ;)

Hi everyone !
Here is a little animatic/storyboard video I made on a Frozen cut off song, « Life’s Too Short ».
I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it.
Feel free to comment, I’d love to have some feedbacks !…

Hey fellows! For more drawings and doodling, follow me on my tumblr :D
Hi everyone!
Tomorrow night I'll be going to Beyonce's "Mrs Carter Tour".
So I made a little cover of my favourite song   ->
Watch and share.
Many paintings to come! Take care, bye :)
Hi guys.
I know that I've really been unproductive these monthes...
I enrolled at Animation Mentor, I took a casual work to afford the tuitions, and it's taking all my spare time! I have no social life anymore!
And thus, no time for all the drawings and paintings that I crave to do.
But cheer up! I'm officially leaving this shitty job at the end of march, so from april, I'll be doing and posting a lot of stuff!
Thank you to everyone following me/faving my art, I'll really be back soon :D

Bambi Killer

PS: here's the link to my blog, just in case you'd like to see my AM stuff ;)
Hello my fellow followers,
Just a little note to say that I'm sorry not to be more productive these days, I have a lots of paintings/ideas that I want to share with you, but really don't have time for now.
I took a part time job toafford myself Animation Mentor scolarship so... I'm busy!
I'll be back very soon
HI there!
Juste a little note to let you know that I'm open to commissions and collaborations :)