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Hi everyone !
Here is a little animatic/storyboard video I made on a Frozen cut off song, « Life’s Too Short ».
I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it.
Feel free to comment, I’d love to have some feedbacks !…

Hey fellows! For more drawings and doodling, follow me on my tumblr :D
Hi everyone!
Tomorrow night I'll be going to Beyonce's "Mrs Carter Tour".
So I made a little cover of my favourite song   ->
Watch and share.
Many paintings to come! Take care, bye :)
Hi guys.
I know that I've really been unproductive these monthes...
I enrolled at Animation Mentor, I took a casual work to afford the tuitions, and it's taking all my spare time! I have no social life anymore!
And thus, no time for all the drawings and paintings that I crave to do.
But cheer up! I'm officially leaving this shitty job at the end of march, so from april, I'll be doing and posting a lot of stuff!
Thank you to everyone following me/faving my art, I'll really be back soon :D

Bambi Killer

PS: here's the link to my blog, just in case you'd like to see my AM stuff ;)
Hello my fellow followers,
Just a little note to say that I'm sorry not to be more productive these days, I have a lots of paintings/ideas that I want to share with you, but really don't have time for now.
I took a part time job toafford myself Animation Mentor scolarship so... I'm busy!
I'll be back very soon
HI there!
Juste a little note to let you know that I'm open to commissions and collaborations :)